Monday, February 21, 2011

Jill & Ruston: Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Happy one month anniversary to Jill & Ruston ~ whose wintery wedding celebration took place in Foxborough, MA at the Lake View Pavilion.  

I had such a great time photographing the wedding of these two~ it was my first one of 2011 after a 2 month hiatus and I was eager to get back behind the camera!! 

After a snowy drive down the interstate I arrived at the hotel to capture the couple getting ready

What's better than fabulous shoes you ask - a fabulous clutch of course


The lovely Jill

A card for her husband to be

Upstairs to check on our groom

Just need shoes and he is ready to go

Meanwhile back with the ladies

Jill reading the card from Ruston

I'd love to know what the best man is saying here - my guess it is something about how amazing Jill looks

A few minutes were spent outside to photograph some formals in the freshly fallen snow

Then back inside the Lakeside for a few more

A first dance

Followed by a funny toast

This young lady was eager for the dancing to start

Jill & Ruston~ thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day~ it was all my pleausre!!

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