Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jenny & Joe: Maine Wedding Photographer

I finished out a wonderful month of August weddings with the celebration of Jenny & Joe~ college sweethearts who met at Bowdoin and returned to the state to hold their wedding.

Jenny and Joe are absolutely lovely people, people anyone would be honored to call a friend!

I was very happy to document their wedding day for them!

I started the day with Jenny & her ladies at a farmhouse at Pineland Farms that they had rented for the weekend.  Jenny & girls were still at the salon when I arrived, so her mom was kind enough to show me around

A bride's must have

Jenny's gorgeous dress, that she got at a running of the bride's event~ it was perfect


The couple chose to do a first look~ so we headed off to Pineland to take meet Joe and do some photos

Here come the boys

A gorgeous summer day

Off to the church

It was a bit warm (okay very..) in the church so guests were taking turns fanning each other

Joe's dad led everyone in a prayer

A fellow Bowdoin Alum read a poem that she wrote for the couple, it got a chuckle from all

Rings were exchanged

And then Jenny's cousin sang

While the guests gathered on the church lawn for cookies and punch~ the couple dashed off to ring the bell

While guests enjoyed the refreshments ~ groups were called to the church steps for photos~

Joe's buddies from ???  You guessed is O H I O

Go Polar Bears

We made it back to Grace, just in time before the clouds opened up

I love Grace~ Sabin and crew are fantastic to work with

Took me a bit to figure out the table names, but then I realized Joe was a major soccer fan, so the tables were named after World Cup teams

"Signing" the guestbook

This wedding was full of personal touches from family and friends, the mother of one of their groomsmen did all flowers and another family friend baked all of the cupckaes

The bridal broke down into a bit of a dance when they were introduced

Then Jenny & Joe shared their first dance

Followed by Jenny & her dad

And Joe with his mom and then sisters

And then guests were treated to traditional drumming and a dragon

Hearfelt toasts

 And even Jenny & Joe toasted their guests and shared some stories about their bridal party


The dance floor kicked off with Dionne Entertainment spinning the tunes

Jenny & Joe it was so wonderful sharing in your wedding day with you~
 I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!

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Jenny said...

Beautiful photos, Clare! We didn't even notice you taking all these perfect shots!