Saturday, December 24, 2011

From My Family To Yours ~ A Merry Christmas

It is currently 10:57 PM on Christmas Eve and Corey and I are watching a Christmas Story while I am also writing this blog and following Santa's Flight Path on the NORAD tracker.  The big guy is currently in Atlanta, GA.

Since I first started this blog it has become a bit of a tradition, that every Christmas I share a bit of holiday greeting with you all!  I always look forward to taking photos of our new ornaments and old favorites as well!

This year I'd also like to share this years card that we sent out.  Ever since Corey and I got married (5 years ago now) we always try to have a fun card to send out.  This years card included a caricature by a talented artist I found on Etsy!  I LOVE the results.

That is me in all my beauty of course, with Corey - in the handmade knitted sweatef I made him, Elvis in blue came into our lives 4 years ago this very night and Hank in purple, I am holding our Tippy and rounding out our family are Wally & Mac - our two white cats, who I am sorry to say are both called kitty most of the time, because I can never tell them apart.

Our tree this year, with some of my favorite ornaments

A hand carved Santa from driftwood - very Maine

A couple of re-loved ornaments that my mom gave us last year

Mini sweater ornaments

Another re-loved ornament and a bit of a self portrait

Always a favorite

I love this winter scene painted on an antique spoon

Ft Williams painted on a mussel shell

Spidey always standing by to protect the tree - mainly from the cats

"Why It's A Major Award"

A really neat origami crane made out of recycled Sunday cartoons~ another Holiday Craft Fair item picked up from my mom

Every year we host Thanksgiving at our house, cousin Christie gave us this cute little gourd turkey

The official 2011 ornament

I love this hand painted cutie

Our 2011 tree~ she's a beauty

Accordining to NORAD Santa should be here shortly, and I am happy to say our "kids" are all snug in their beds~ and we are on our way to join them shortly, but before I go, I wanted to share some updated photos

First up our little man Tippy~ our little daredeveil~

Our love Elvis~ he loves curling up by my feet, chasing his brother thru the yard, peanut butter and most of all his buddy Hank

And sweet Hank~ our shy boy, who takes a bit to warm up to you, but when he does he's your bud~ he loves to curl up in my lap, peanut butter, being chased by his brother in the yard, and mostly just hanging with his bro bro Elvis

Unfortunately our white cats, are usually off in their own world, and are just about impossible to get a good picture of, but I promise if and when I do, I shall share one here!!

From my little family to yours, I do wish you all peace, love, laughter and cherished memories this holiday season!!  Oh and as little orphan Annie reminds us~ "Be sure to drink your ovaltine!"

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craftosaurus said...

I made tiny mitten ornaments to give with gifts this year, and I might have to go the mini sweater route next year. Cute!

Merry Christmas back atcha from me, Stu, Moxie and Cecil. :)