Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Amanda & Isaac: Maine Wedding Photographer

Grab a box of tissues because Amanda & Isaac have one of those stories that TV movies are made about!!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Amanda for a few years now, just as aquantainces really, because though we both worked for the City of Portland, we were in different departments, so we really didn't get a chance to know each other, but five years ago when I first started this business, Amanda, who was working in the City Clerk's office at the time, was the one who helped me with some of my business questions I had.

I found out later, that Amanda had left the City and had moved away, it wasn't until a bit later when Amanda emailed me, that I found out just where to and why Amanda had left.

Amanda and I reconnected when she contacted me about wedding photography and I am happy to say that over the past two years thru emails, and texts that we have become friends, so it was with superb great pleasure that I was there to witness her marry her best friend Isaac.

Since Amanda first shared her story of how her and Isaac came to be, I have wanted to share it with all of you, because as my dedicated blog readers know, I am a sucker for a good ol' how we met and how we got engaged story.

I could do no justice to Amanda's and Issac's story, so I am sharing an excert of an email from Amanda with all of you here... "How we met. Its a funny story actually. I think I told you before that Isaac's brother is now married to my college roommate. So we knew of each other for years. I had even met all of his family (parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) but had never met him. I always thought his brother was a great guy. He treated my friend so well and was just really down-to-earth and easy-going. My friend, Lacey and her now husband, Zac (Isaac's brother) always thought that Isaac and I would make a good couple, but the timing was always off. He was either dating someone, or I was. Plus, he lived in No. Maine (where he grew up) and I lived in Portland. So like 5 years later, when Zac & Lacey were planning their wedding, we learned that we'd both be in the wedding party. So one day Isaac decided to "friend" me on myspace. At first, I didn't even know who he was!!! I even wrote to him and asked, "Who are you?" Cause you know, there are some weirdos out there! When I realized it was Zac's brother we started chatting, then we starting emailing. The emails became one or two loooong emails every single day. This was all going on while Isaac was at the federal law enforcement training academy down in Georgia. That went on for about 2 months, then Isaac finally got the nerve to ask for my number. So he called me, by that time he had moved to Ketchikan, AK. At this point though, honestly, I had no clue that he interested in me as anything more than just a friend. I was dating other guys, nothing serious, and hating it b/c they were all so childish and playing the typical dating games. From the very first time I talked to Isaac on the phone I knew that he was different than all those other guys. He was very open, talkative, honest, and down-to-earth. Pretty shortly after our first conversation we began talking on the phone, emailing, and texting every day. Then it became hours upon hours each day. We would talk sometimes for 8 hours in one day! We just talked about everything. We got to know each other really really well in a very short period of time and we just had so much in common. It felt really really good to have that bond with someone, I knew after talking with him for a few months that he was my best friend and that we would probably be together and be a great match. (I hope this doesn't all sound cliche or like a movie, b/c its all true and from the heart and it was so NOT cliche, it was truly magical!) So, I decided after just 3 months of "dating" that I had to go meet him. So I was planning a trip to AK. I would come for a week's vacation and get to know Isaac. But, shortly after I booked my airline ticket I realized that there was absolutely NO way that I'd be able to come back to Maine without Isaac. I knew, before meeting him that this was it and that I was going to move to Alaska!!! So, I talked to my boss, I basically gave my two weeks notice, I told my friends, I told my family and some people thought I was crazy while others just knew that I meant business. My good friends could tell, they knew from all the months leading up to this that it was real and that it was good. Even my mom knew. So, I got on a plane with absolutely NO inhibitions, I felt calm, relaxed, excited and ready to meet him and start our life together. When I got off the plane I walked into the waiting area and there he was. He was even cuter than his pictures, his eyes were softer and more real. It was like we already knew each other and he just wrapped his arms around me and it felt right. So, here I am, a year and a half later and we're engaged!"

I mean really folks... I still get goosebumps when I read it!

Oh, and planning a Maine wedding when you are in Alaska could definitely be a task, but luckily the couple have an amazing group of family and friends back here who helped the couple plan their day~ and Amanda and Isaac, did I mention that they drove cross country and arrived here a week before their wedding, because Isaac's job has now brought him to Maine~ so welcome home folks!

So, that is the backstory and here is a few of my many, many favorites from their wedding day!

Super, super excited

And she loved her bouquet

Isaac and his brother getting ready

Isaac was handsome and all, but the real man of the day was this  little guy~ the son of Amanda's Matron of Honor

Everyone helped Amanda get ready


The ceremony took place on Portland's East End~ it was the PERFECT backdrop for their wedding

Angie, a dear friend of the couple, had the pleausre of marrying them

Next we headed to Grace Restaurant, where the reception was being held

A first dance as husband and wife

After the cake, DJ Dave Dionne kicked off a great dance party

Amanda's brother, who served as Man of Honor, was a great sport by dancing in this pig trough~ a tradition that Isaac himself had to do, whenever a younger sibling gets marries before the older one

Not only did he have a good time, he also made a bit of money

Everyone was having a blast~

Amanda and Isaac~ thank you so much for letting me share in your day, and document the continuation of your story with you!!  I think the world of you both and wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!!