Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cathy & Ray: Maine Wedding Photography

In October, I had a wonderful time photographing the wedding of Cathy & Ray in Portland.

I had first met with Cathy back in January, and from our first chat, I was super excited as she was sharing withe me the details her & Ray were putting into their rock n roll themed wedding day!

I started the morning with the couple at a local hotel, where to keep in theme for the wedding day, they requested the room Elvis Presley himself had stayed in

Cathy absolutely loved her flowers

The ladies were all having a great time hanging out

Watching as the final details were being put into place

Next it was time for the dress

And garter

Finally the shoes

The cremony was held at St Peter's Cathedral in Portland

Ready to go

Cathy's dad was proud

The ceremony began


Though it was a bit drizzly, the couple wanted to go to the Eastern Prom for photos

Rock n Roll!

Guests were seated at tables named after 80's Hair Bands, were given CD's made by the couple of their favorite rock songs and ballards, and were able to sign this guitar- guest "book"

Toasts by the Maid of Honor & Cathy's dad were funny!!

After dinner it was time to cut the cake

And then the dancing began

Cathy enjoyed a dance with her dad

And then the band Boyz Gone Wild played Cathy & Ray's first dance song

And Ray, who sometimes plays with BGW in addition to his own musical projects, sang along on the chorus

After the formalities, the couple changed into comfier clothes for dancing and rocking!

Everyone was having a great time!

Lots and lots of air guitar!

And of course singing along!

Ray picked up the bass, to join in on Crazy Train!!

And Cathy took the mic to sign a tune or two

Ray was smitten with his wife!!

Finally the couple joined the band for a last song of the evening

Cathy, Ray & Boys Gone Wild!

You know what they say, a couple that rocks together, stays together!!

Cathy & Ray, it was an absolute pleasure to be chosen to photograph your wedding day for you, much love and happiness to you both!!!