Friday, November 21, 2014

Liz & James: Maine Engagement Photographer

2015 is going to be another great wedding season!  I have some fabulous couples who will be getting married and I am really looking forward to their days!  The season is going to start in March with Liz and James~ sweethearts who are tying the knot on 3/14/15 ~ during our  first meeting I asked Liz what the significance of the date was and she informed me it was Pi Day~ you know 3.14159265359....well immediately ideas began swirling in my head for an engagement session and we decided on a picnic with lots of pies ~ most of which were cooked by Liz herself!!

Below please enjoy a few of my favorite images from the session~ I am so very much looking forward to their day!!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baby E: New Hampshire Family Photographer

I absolutely love it when past clients come back and ask me to document more important moments for them.  Since their wedding I have enjoyed staying in touch with Mo & Matt and I was beyond thrilled for them when they asked if I could come to their house to take some photos of their beautiful baby girl E!

When I arrived she was napping, but woke right up and we were soon ready for some fun photos.

First E showed me how she loves to crawl to her dad....
Then she played her favorite game ~ Peek A Boo with me

Lastly she read me a couple of stories...

We wanted to do some more formal type of photos at Mo & Matt's Alma Mater, so we headed out, but not first without grabbing a shot of their first girl Allie!

Such a happy little girl....

I mean really?!

All giggles!!

Baby E actually had a first during our session~ she was able to stand from a sitting position on her own without any help!  To say she was pretty proud of herself was an understatement!!

Thanks for all fun session ~ Mo, Matt and Baby E.. I am very much looking forward to watching you grow!